Monday, 14 August 2017

Nadipathy™ a boon for UDDANAM Kidney patients

Power Star Pawan Kalyan's initiative and his efforts in bringing the Uddanam kidney patients issues to the World is Commendable .His efforts to get Harvard University Doctors and other elite to the Uddanam is another commendable for all of us and also for the Governement.

We have seen in News channels Papars, Social Media and realised that Uddanam occupied top of the place in Kidney patients around the World.

 Don’t we have a treatment to treat the patients?

Is India backward nation to rely on other countries for a Medical help?

 Are Indians not ready to treat this Medical emergency?

 Is Dialysis a mandatory for the Kidney patients?

 Are NGO’s not able to do?

 Is Kidney replacement essential?

 Kidney treatment – a costly affair?

 Can’t we treat with our indigenous methods given by our Ancinet Sages?

These are some of the queries that pop up in our mind since most of the Indians have completely depended on Modern Scinece and technology and trying to resolve by using the modern science methods.Of course New Technology has really helped us in many things especially in Medical field however at the same time Anceint Indian Science,Technology and procedures especially in medical science is on top of the hat. NO DOUBT about it.

Due to the Westernization , the ancient medicine,methods,treatments were named or termed as Alternative medicnine and of course we are following the same name for an understanding.But pretty sure this Alternative Medical system is now a days the main system for treating many chronic ailments/diseases.

In brief the Kidney functionality is to filter the bad particles and flush them out.

Due to the environmental issues,foods and other antibiotics the kidneys are getting badly damaged and difficult to function to flushout the TOXINS, causing Kidney issue and other related.Here in Uddanam our first hand report stated that the Silica particles in the water are one of the causes.

So far a Kidney patient the treatment cost,dialysis and other consultation fees are costly and a huge burden since the treatment is yet to be cost effective.But still its not completely cured.

╞╞╞╞╞╞╞╞Nadipathy ™ - The Ancient Indian Traditonal Therapeutic System╞╞╞╞╞╞╞╞ Nadipathy an Ancient system invented and followed by our Ancient sages,Kings and other common people in the Kingdom.In recent times Globally the Indian Therapeutc systems are getting popular and foreigners are coming forward to learn, treat and become a practitioners in their respective fields for their and society welfare.

For example,Marma therapy,Yoga,Healing methods like Chakra healings,reiki and othe related.Moxabustion,Acupuncture,Herbal medicine and many more .

We can visit many of these centers in Europe , US,Middle east Countries and other part of the world

treat detoxifying the body and rejuvenation is being done.


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